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Laany, LLC is a US-based boutique financial services firm headquartered in Henderson Nevada that specializes in capital advisory services for global clients. Through our fully owned and operated India-based subsidiary, Laany Financial Services (LFS), headquartered in Pune, we provide full service financial advisory and debt and equity capital introduction, formation, and structuring services to a specific targeted demographic of Indian intuitional clients.

Our client demographic ranges from large to middle-market institutional clients requiring a wide range of lending or equity capital needs. These opportunities are focused on infrastructure, such as hospitals, real estate development, and other large contracting projects in India. Taking advantage of our US-based presence, we specialize in conveying these opportunities to our growing network of US investors and lenders that include asset managers, private equity funds, venture capital firms, and private family offices.

Through specialized monitoring of credit and collateral, we originate financing that is outside the typical lending criteria of most traditional financing relationships, which can provide clients greater credit availability and more flexibility in pursuing their goals. We are a leader in senior asset-based financing, and offer agented and syndicated senior secured financing to middle-market and large enteties in India across a variety of niche markets.

We specialize in providing inventive financing structures for clients that may otherwise have difficulty in obtaining financing directly from partnered private lending sources. Our capital advisory team can help address specific project circumstances and objectives, including working capital, rapid growth, turnaround, recapitalization, seasonal capital shortages, short operating histories, and mergers and acquisitions.


Laany, LLC
Laany Financial Services (LFS), Pvt Ltd (India)

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