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As a boutique financial services firm, we focus on providing a specific set of debt and equity capital market and advisory services tailored for our targeted clients. Primarily Laany, together with its subsidiary, Laany Financial Services (LFS), obtains and advises financing from an established network of lending institutions for clients in India.

Capital advisory

Our capital advisory services are outfitted to deliver comprehensive capital formation, fundraising, and capital structuring for global institutional clients. We offer full-service pre and post transaction advisory along the way for large to middle-market size deal structures.

Core capital advisory products and services include:

  • Capital market transaction advisory

    • We advise clients throughout the full duration of their transaction for maximum efficiency and strategic edge, such as capital structure optimization, allocation, positioning and issuance, and investor tactical approaching.

  • Debt capital financing

    • Secured asset-backed debt

    • Subordinated debt

    • Mezzenine financing

    • Distressed debt

    • M&A financing

  • Equity capital financing

    • Growth and venture capital

    • Bridge financing


Laany, LLC
Laany Financial Services (LFS), Pvt Ltd (India)

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